Travel Overview

For tournaments that require a considerable amount of travel either by plane or by car, Origin will assist its members by finding deals on flights, hotels, or Airbnbs. In the case the tournament is near people the club knows and they are willing to house us, we then take that opportunity to save some money!

With travel being a hefty expense in the long run, we, as a club, strive to make the experience as cost effective as possible so that playing roundnet is not a dent to a player’s wallet.

If paying the annual dues has you on the fence, there are ways to make some money back!



Although we pay dues annually, a part of those dues is portioned out for travel expenses such as gas to be split with traveling members. If you are the one to lend your car for the big trek to the tournament, then we applaud you for your efforts! Carpooling is what we do best and we hope to see you guys out there reppin’ our club and making memorable experiences.



Similar to gas reimbursements, there is a pool of money that is split amongst the tournaments throughout the year to further split amongst the players who attend. As weathered veterans of travel, we ask you not to hesitate on traveling to tournaments because you will regret not going once you hear of awesome experiences each member has.



Members who recruit new players in the Chicagoland area to join Origin Roundnet, will receive monetary compensation for their efforts to grow the club!