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The final event of the Chicagoland Roundnet Series will be Grayslake Spikefest! This event has consistently been one of the best independent tournaments in the country for the last three years and this year should be no different. It was only natural that the series would conclude here. Aside from getting big turnouts this event has always been a charity tournament with profits going to Oasis for Orphans.



Alleghany Park (noted in Red)

31999 Alleghany Rd
Grayslake, IL  60030
United States

There are two big parking lots that are free and near the fields. The 1st one you pass when entering from Alleghany Rd is the best option. There is a concession stand right by the field where you can get food and beverages throughout the day.


What is Oasis for Orphans?


Oasis for Orphans is a charity that works to help the estimated 2.4 million orphans in Kenya find homes, get their necessary food and hygiene, put them through school, and give them many other skills needed for life in the real world. More information on what they do and how you could get involved can be found on their website: https://oasisfororphans.org/


Advanced: If you want to play against the best of the Midwest Roundnet community, then the advanced division is what you’re looking for! Results from all the Chicagoland Roundnet Series tournaments’ advanced divisions will be tracked to determine a winner of the series at the conclusion of the final event.

Intermediate: If you aren’t ready to take on the best of the Midwest just yet, then the intermediate division is likely the best choice for you. This is the perfect opportunity to hone your skills against teams with a similar skill level.


(5/6-5/9): $25/team(Early Bird Special)

(5/10-7/3): $30/team

(7/4-7/11): $40/team


Check in/Warm ups: 8:45am-9:30am

Announcements: 9:45am-10am

Pool Play: 10:00am-11:30am

Bracket Play: 12:15-Conclusion(should be between 4pm and 5pm)

*Be sure to arrive no later than 9:30am to get checked in or you will risk forfeiting pool play games or even the whole tournament

*The schedule is subject to change if needed


Regardless of which division you take part in, the format will follow the same basic style. You will start the day with pool play. You will be randomly drawn into a pool of other teams playing in your division. Ideally we will have smaller pools of 5-6 teams so games can be to 21, however we may have to do pools of 7-8 with games to 15 depending on the total number of teams. Then based on pool play results, you will be seeded into a bracket. The goal will be to have most if not all bracket matches be a best 2 out of 3 series with games to 21. Each bracket will be played out until we have a winner.

*All division formats are subject to change at TDs discretion based on number of teams, time, etc.


If you are unfamiliar with the rules of competitive Roundnet in 2019, here is a link to them: https://tournaments.spikeball.com/pages/official-rules-1

*Note: there were some changes for the 2019 season, most notably double faults now being allowed(rule #4.5.2). What that means is if you miss your 1st serve, you get a 2nd serve as opposed to the old rule where 2nd serves were only given after a pocket and a missed 1st serve resulted in a loss of the point.

What is the Chicagoland Roundnet Series?


This will be a tournament series with 4 tournaments in 4 different parts of the Chicagoland area between April and July. This will ensure that there is a major tournament in the Chicago area once a month between April and September when you throw in the 2 local SRA events(MW Grand Slam on 8/10 and MW Regionals on 9/14). Each series event will feature an advanced and intermediate division. The advanced divisions will have their results tracked throughout the 4 tournaments in order to crown a champion of the series. The top finishing teams of the series will take home cash prizes($500 to the top team) and possibly more based on sponsors. Each event will also have a featured court like at 2018 nationals and the 2 events on ESPN last year. This way we can feature top matches, as well as get video coverage of them with commentary as well!

In order to keep things moving on schedule we will likely limit the top brackets to 16 teams(“A” bracket) and any other teams will be put in a “B” bracket up to 16 teams and possibly even a “C” bracket if there is a lot of teams in that division.

Scoring Breakdown-Advanced Division

1st: 500

2nd: 400

3rd: 325

4th: 275

T-5: 225

T-9: 150

*T-13: 125

17th: 100

18th: 85

19th: 75

20th: 50

T-21: 35

T-25: 25

T-29: 15

*we will most likely be ensuring everyone plays at least 2 bracket matches. So those who lose in the 1st round of bracket play will still get to play 1 consolation match. Therefore those 4 teams who win getting a T-9 finish and the 4 losing teams finishing T-13. In the unlikely event we don’t do this all 8 of those teams will get the points for a T-9 finish.

*check out the standings for the series here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16PLD5JoeoF7Y5xDTqM3dykePV2Xt7R4LYDHrvIrN8qo


What if the weather is bad?

We play rain or shine. Unless there are storms or other significant weather risks, we will play through it. Any weather related updates will be communicated through email, on this event page, and on social media.

Can I play in multiple divisions?

Unfortunately all divisions will be running simultaneously so you can only pick one.

My team can no longer attend. Can I get refunded?

Yes, we will fully refund you as long as the request is made no later than the Thursday before the tournament. If you need to request a refund, send an email to Wsemke12@gmail.com and be sure to mention your name and your team’s name.

Where can I get updates on social media?

Be sure to follow Origin on Instagram(@OriginRoundnet) for updates on this and other events in the Chicagoland area

Any other questions?

For anything related to registration or the Chicagoland Roundnet Series send an email to Wyatt Semke at wsemke12@gmail.com